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Fiona at WISE Self Defence has been teaching empowerment and self defence classes for more than 30 years. She has a black belt in Taekwondo and has represented her country in the sport. Fiona has studied Ninjitsu, Pressure Point Tactics and Tactical Response. She has studied with coaches from all over the world and brings a depth of knowledge and an excitement to her teaching and learning.

Fiona Skene is introducing WISE Self Defence, Empowerment, and Life Strategy Programs to equip participants with:

  • life-changing skills that can protect, advance, and empower the people that become a part of its process
  • vital emotional and physical life skills that give certainty and safety in all aspects of life
  • defusiing strategies, intended to stop or avoid a situation
  • prevention strategies as well as simple skills that help to get out of grabs, holds, and fearful situations
  • skills to protect your life on an everyday basis.

Featuring anti-bullying strategies, physical defence classes and self-assertiveness, WISE Self Defence courses are not physically demanding and are catered to everyone’s personal situations. Fiona teaches self defence skills that are easy to remember and will give you confidence in life rather than fear.

If you want to protect your life and learn simple skills to prevent or get out of situations, then these classes are a must. Please contact us to find out more about upcoming self defence courses in Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat.


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Self defence workshops

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