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The program we deliver has the ability to create a life of intentions. We often react to the world around us which can sometimes make us feel powerless to the to and fro of life. The WISE Self Defence mindset coaching and empowerment program will show ways and tools to implement a sense of control over the future by learning how we think, how we decide and how we can change to build our future and build a character of power.

The empowerment program is ideal as part of group self defence classes, corporate self defence workshops and school programs. It involves teaching empowerment and protection to the vulnerable of our community. It will teach strategies in how to build value, strength of mind, understanding of power games and human nature, how to deal with bullying, and how to build resilience strategies to gain success, confidence, and a knowledge of what to do.  This can ease or eliminate feelings of anxiety, victimisation and isolation.

Many schools in Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat and country Victoria are seeing the value of our empowerment program for students, giving them much needed skills to create resources to reduce anxiety and equipping them with vital life skills to protect physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.

The empowerment program consist of:

  • six core needs that influence every decision we make
  • the fears we try and avoid in our life
  • how we process information and how our beliefs and values influence our life
  • how we belong and how it rules our decisions
  • psychological components
  • how to build your identity and character to take control over your life
  • how to create your life, not to react to life
  • how your language rules your world
  • how your six core needs influence your life positively and negatively
  • how to create your values and beliefs so they empower your life
  • how to change your behaviour so it serves your life
  • how to build positive well-being and self-esteem
  • how to handle adversity and how it can serve you
  • how to change drama into motivation
  • how desperation changes your mindset
  • anti bullying strategies and what causes bullying
  • understanding violence and domestic violence
  • how to handle peer pressure
  • emotional, linguistical, and spiritual world
  • self defence components
  • how self defence and the law works
  • negotiation skills
  • defusion skills
  • how to get assistance
  • where are your points of help
  • physical defence from five different martial arts backgrounds
  • how your belief system is portrayed in your physical body
  • ordinary to extraordinary
  • the power of giving.

Participants will learn skills of connection, certainty, resourceful significance and how to create boundless opportunity rather than limiting beliefs. It is a powerful lesson with practical skills that they can practice straight away. By creating awareness students will be able to see manipulation and find the strength of character to take control of their choices rather than be a target by an opportunist.

Confidence Counts women’s empowerment

Many people experience fear, doubt and lack of confidence – whether in yourself, in others or in your situation. Women in particular often diminish themselves in conversation, subconsciously disempowering who they are and what they are capable of.

Sometimes these feelings can be crippling. If you feel like fear is holding you back, WISE Self Defence runs empowerment classes teaching women how to find their greatest source of power – self confidence.

When we have faith and confidence in ourselves, we are more likely to initiate action, take risks, set ambitious goals and pursue our passions. Fiona helps women develop a deep, lasting sense of true, inner confidence and take control of their life. Change the way you see yourself and how you relate to others.

The program focus on:

  • establishing true self confidence
  • learning to understand others, defend yourself and advance your purpose
  • taking control of making positive decisions
  • living with strength and passion.

Please contact us to find out more about Fiona’s empowerment programs.


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