Group and corporate self defence in Geelong

Self defence classes available in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne

WISE Self Defence aims to empower people with our range of group and corporate self defence courses. We believe teaching vital and simple life skills gives our participants a sense of control and leads to a more fulfilling life.

Qualified instructor Fiona Skene travels to schools, disability services, community groups and organisations to deliver tailored self defence courses. Please contact us for more information or to book.

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    • School yard strategies
    • Cyber bullying
    • Workplace techniques
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    Disability Services

    • Self esteem & self empowerment
    • Cyber safety
    • Defuse before a fight
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    Living Safely

    • Everyday safety tactics
    • Take control of your safety
    • Make positive changes
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    Mindset Coaching

    • Protection to the vulnerable
    • Change drama into motivation
    • Defusion skills
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    Physical Defence

    • You're in control
    • Learn effective skills
    • Non-threatening classes
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    Proactive Living

    • Defuse a situation
    • Resourcing your surroundings
    • The law
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    Protective Living

    • Identify danger signs
    • Become a lesser target
    • Prepare a defence
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    • Take control of your choices
    • Strong sense of self
    • Less likely to become victims
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Self-assertiveness and anti-bullying strategies

The best self defence is a good offence. Our self-assertiveness classes teach participants a strong sense of self and our anti-bullying course builds on this, focusing on techniques and strategies to deal with bullies online and in the real world.

Living safely and proactive living

At WISE Self Defence, we equip people with the tools and awareness to defuse a potentially threatening situation. Our Proactive Living and Living Safely self defence classes show participants how positive changes can improve quality of life and reduce fear.

Physical defence and protective living

If you want to learn how to use your power effectively and efficiently, our physical defence class provides useful and easy to learn techniques in a fun atmosphere. As an experienced self defence instructor, Fiona also teaches participants to identify danger and prepare a strong defence as part of the Protective Living program.

School group self defence programs

With news about domestic violence and terrorism saturating our lives, fear around these issues is growing. Many people find this frightening – because we do not know how to address this in protecting our family, and our community.

What if we could take a proactive stance in educating ourselves in understanding why?

  • Why do people choose to create violence, fear and brutality? What if we understood the reasons behind why people do this.
  • What if we were caught up in the middle of it. Would we know what to do? Would we have the tools to defuse the situation?
  • How are we educating our youth in facing these threats in our community?

What if we had the answers to understanding why?

Many of the victims of crime that have worked with WISE Self Defence have stated that ‘I wish that I had known these skills before I was involved in my situation’.

It has helped them to understand their situation and how they feel empowered by the education and have been able to change their level of fear and build trust back into their lives.

WISE Self Defence mindset coaching and education has the ability to build a character in our youth of love and trust. Many of us build an environment of fear which creates a choice pattern that causes us to react to our environment, which in turn often creates disempowerment.

We have the ability to choose, but often don’t because of fear focus. WISE Self Defence education teaches students how to build resilience, empowerment and the tools to build well-being and confidence.

We often don’t know why we feel the way we feel, but what if you did?

WISE Self Defence gives students the building blocks to be able to do this. It will give tangible tools on how to construct your life to feel in control, totally aware and driven by hope and trust. It will have the ability to totally change choice-making and behaviour if the students take on and practise the education. All in all, it builds hope and dispels doubt.

We can make a serious stand against the statistics if we look at education that addresses how violence is perpetuated. A behaviour occurs when there is a belief system that justifies the action. Most belief systems are built before the age of seven. Behaviour becomes addictive the more we practise it. Therefore this means we need to educate our young to address belief systems and behaviours that already exist and change them now.

Through the education of WISE Self Defence we look at ways, strategies and changes that lead to flipping beliefs to construct the life we want, not the one we may have been witness to, or made up that creates survival in our life.

Through the education we look at many ways to build self-esteem, mental well-being and strategies of respect that lead to trust, honour and integrity.

WISE Self Defence has created an amazing offer, allowing schools that have not had the opportunity to run a program before to have access to this education.