Empowerment & self defence disability services for Geelong, Ballarat & Melbourne

Fiona Skene has taken her WISE Self Defence programs to disability service providers across Geelong and Victoria, working within special schools, with the blind and deaf, with physically and intellectually disabled groups and multiple sclerosis (MS) support groups.

The aim of the program is to educate vulnerable members of society about self esteem, self empowerment, anti bullying, cyber safety and self-assertiveness. Through this unique self defence class, Fiona creates awareness of how powerlessness is created through choices, thinking and opportunity – and how education creates a mindset of empowerment and knowledge.

The class involves all aspects of psychology as well as technical aspects to become aware of, defuse, and create human behaviour that decreases the likelihood of a situation even happening. This is not a martial arts class. Martial arts teach you how to fight. WISE Self Defence teaches you how to defuse before a fight, and teaches you to fight to defuse, not escalate.

Fiona has worked with a wide range of disability services, including:

  • Backlinks, Karingal, Barwon Child, Youth & Family (Glastonbury Community Services) and Bethany Community Support in Geelong
  • MacKillop Family Services
  • MercyCare (Sisters of Mercy)
  • Metamorphosis Consulting (Psychology Services)
  • Mental Health Fellowship (Wellways)
  • Grampians Community Health Services
  • Child and Family Services Ballarat
  • Mind Australia Mental Health Services
  • Surf Coast Police Youth Services.

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"Within our Council department we have constant political, organisational, external and personal challenges. Approaching these challenges... "

– Laura Potter

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